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Potato Pattie with Soy Protein Topping

Potato Pattie with Soy Protein Topping

Potatoe Pattie

3 whole peeled,grated potatoes
1 teaspoon:tumeric,salt,crushed garlic,coriander.
1 thinly sliced onion
2 tablespoon olive oil

Mix all the ingredients together add more herbs if you please.
Rub oil in a non stick pan,allow to heat up and flatten the mixture evenly in the pan..
Allow to cook each side for 10mins on low heat till golden brown…

Hint:When you shake the pan and the pattie moves freely then you know its cooked or almost cooked.


Half a bowl of soya protein
Half sliced tomato and onion
Coconut Milk

Add a little bit of water to moisten the soy protein.
ln a pan add Olive oil,saute onions.After 5 mins add tomato.Cook till it caramelises..Season
Add 100ml of coconut milk.
Add your soy protein,cook for 15mins adding more milk if need be….


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Creamy vegetable pasta

Creamy vegetable pasta


2 cups shoulder pasta
half zucchini,capsicum,
half eggplant,baby corn,corn kernels
3 tablespoon flour and olive oil
4 Tablespoon tomato paste
Crushed garlic,tumeric

Boil pasta in salt water and set aside
Roast zucchini,capsicum and eggplant separately,set aside.
Cook equal parts of flour and oil till like a paste,add your tomato paste..
Add water if too thick,salt tumeric.When thicken add the pasta and vegetables.
Add crushed garlic,cook for 5mins…Serve and sprinkle fresh herbs and drizzle olive oil..

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