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Vermicillen stew

Vermicillen stew

ermicillen Stew


1 Packet vermicillen rice noodles
5 peeled whole potatoes(diced)
3 peeled whole sweet potatoes(diced)
2 carrots(diced)
1 packet firm tofu(diced)
1 packet bok choy
2 tins coconut milk
2 tins corn kennels
1 tin diced tomatoes
2 onions
1 Lemongrass
Lemon juice
Tumeric,Honey,Soy Sauce,Mixed Spices.salt


In a medium sized pot,saute onions.
Add potatoes,and cook for 5 mins.
Add carrots,stir for 5 mins,season.
Add sweet potatoes,cook well.
Stir in tomatoes,coconut milk allow 15 mins to cook.
Add corn,tumeric and spices..Thicken if need be and allow to simmer..Once cooked and bok choy and noodles,the heat will cook the noodles perfectly..Set aside..


In pan add oil,tumeric salt and mixed herbs lemongrass .
Once hot seal your tofu till golden brown and add lemon juice and soy sauce and add to the main meal..:-)


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