Famous Vegetarians

Bill Clinton
A lot of people think that being vegetarian is just a fashion statement,an idiosyncrasy that sets one part without any real tangible benefit…Now why would an intellegient man such as the former US President Bill Clinton consider being a vegetarian at all?For you to be president,for the US for that matter you need to have some marbles up in there….The former president himself will tell us what he found personally to be the benefits of a plant based diet….

Albert Einstein

It looks like someone listened to their mother to eat their vegetables and look what it produced,intellectual brillance of the 20th century….Looks like Al was smart enough to eat the greens on his plate……….Good on him…


‘Surely he didn’t say that?’ you must be thinking..Alot of us equate strength,prowess with eating meat and that funny Popeye guy with muscles of steel eating spinach as just funny….Well think again.
What did a Gladiator have for dinner after a long day’s work in the battlefield.what would ‘Mummy Gladiator’ feed him?A Steak you say?
A mass grave in Turkey where Gladiators were buried might reveal to us the answer….Archeologists working on these bones unearthed rather amazing discoveries……Watch the videos below on this,one by Stephen Fry and another by renowned doctor Mcdougall…

l wonder if Russell Crowe went Vegan during the shooting of Gladiator???HMMMMM….

These discoveries challenge our modern thinking of what is termed accepted thinking in the minds of people.Surely these men celebrated for their intelligence,political clout and prowess thought it necessarily to go on a plant based diet then it might not be a bad idea for us to give this issue another visit……

Mike Tyson

Now what would prompt ‘Iron Mike’ to go Vegan?Oh no!he will become skinny and break his bones!!Far from it,anyone who has seen Mike since his diet change on TV agrees,he looks better,toned,and hasnt lost weight contrary to popular opinion…And he say he feels great…..watch the click below

Alicia Silverspoon

All ladies want to look beautiful,and stay beautiful and Alicia is no exception….She is a very beautiful lady and with the plant diet she adopted she will stay beautiful and looking younger for ever.No Nip and Tucks at all:-) Come On Ladies Get On Board….Beauty in your food!!

Russell Simmons

The founder of Def Jams Records,successful businessman shares why he became Vegan.There is one silver thread that is consistent in all these famous people ie they feel and look much better and l can agree…This diet gives you clarity of thought and feel younger,no wonder why most of the great thinkers and achievers the world has known were on a plant based diet!!Russell share his short story on being Vegan…

Carl Lewis

No wonder why he won alot of medals,it was in the veggies!:-)

Casey Affleck

Food Quotes

“Life is so brief that we should not glance either too far backwards or forwards… therefore study how to fix our happiness in our glass and in our plate. ” —Grimod de la Reyniere


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