My name is Joey Shungu Gora,born 4 April 1985.Originally from Zimbabwe,came to Perth, Australia in 2008 to study Commercial Cookery…Since 2010 l have worked at Indian Tea House in Cottesloe as the pizza chef and colder larder section,worked for a brief period at The C Restaurant in Perth and  at the Bellhouse in South Perth as Chef de Partie…..

I have always enjoyed cooking since at a young age ,l remember when l was a scout back home having some cooking competitions which l really enjoyed and l can  recall cooking at home for my family at an early age,

IMG_2753 joey

Since becoming vegetarian in 2007,it has been one of the best decisions  l have made,after becoming  Seventh Day  Adventist….SDAs’ have a wholistic approach to life both physical and spiritual advocating a plant based diet which just resonated to the core of my being….Since now scientific studies have shown and continually show the benefits of a vegetatian  lifestyle…Personally l can see the benefits as l am healthier, feel  better compared to when l ate meat,and l have lots of energy…..

A lot of misconceptions abound surrounding vegetarianism  which put off people from adapting the lifestyle…..’Where do you get your protein’,’What about calcium’,What about B12’? are just the  questions l get from people…..

But as the popular adage goes,’The proof of the pudding is in the taste’,it is my hope that  through this blog  that peoples minds can be shifted and see the beauty of this EDENIC diet…..l realise other blogs and people have gone before me in advocating this diet,l hope to add my voice and weight to the same cause…..

‘If it tastes good it must be bad for you’,is the popular notion amongst many people,but it doesn’t have to be that way…I believe food can taste good and still be healthy for you at the same time,this is how God originally intended it….

“So if it tastes good,it must be vegetarian!”

About This Blog

To show the beauty,variety and benefits of a plant based diet by the the recipes l will be posting regularly and as well the scientific evidence showing why should go green….If you want to live longer and happier,a plant based diet is the way to go..The funny ideas that if you are a vegetarian,you are weak ,less energy etc are just a bunch of fairy tales.This blog is aimed to debunk those myths and encourage more people to be vegetarians through the ‘hows’ and ‘what’ you need to know when making the transition from a meat to a plant based diet……Enjoy the ride!


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    Osborne said,

    I’m proud of you Shungu. You’re a fine example of what we should all strive for. Health has become such a major issue in the modern society and I believe this is one of the sure ways of keeping ourselves fit and healthy.

    I’m looking forward to the articles you will be sharing.

    • 2

      Thank you brother,all praise and honor be to God.lndeed health is important and we need to go back to basics.Thank you for your
      support,check out the articles under In The Green & Famous Veggies!will be uploading articles regularly,keep you informed 🙂

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